And why not a broth?

We asked it to ourselves and, from there, Supacaps was born. So many days we were dreaming and craving from something hot, good, fast and healthy. Enjoy small pleasures.

Because the home sofa would not be the same without our blanket; the same as without our soup.

If you want soup,
press twice

Compatible with Nespresso®

High quality ingredients that we dehydrate following an innovative system that allows to maintain the properties and qualities of each food. With the help of a team of experts – cookers and food technicians – we have found the right formula and proportions for each one of our flavours.

Our broths are totally soluble and do not leave any rest in the coffee filters. Easy to use, at any time.


The best ingredients and recipes for the best broths


No colouring or enhancer flavour added


Fast, beneficial and tasty. Anytime and as you like
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